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Themed Weekends

As the rose turns

Queen Elizabeth 1 sits on the throne and rules over the kingdom of Castleton, England in 1569. During the preparations for the upcoming 6 week's festival, there are whispers of a Catholic uprising. As this festival honors the recent peace and prosperity within the lands, her majesty must keep the village thriving.

What better way to squelch the Catholic claim than to secure an alliance and an heir, than to marry? Her Majesty decrees that she shall entertain a new suitor each weekend of the Festival and theme their visit in honor of the country they reign over. Her Majesty shall take a reprieve from matchmaking during the Celtic weekend in order to establish amnesty with Queen Mary of Scots.
Thus the Themes of the 27th Annual Festival. 

Fantasy, Vikings & Travelers out of Time - King Oberon

April 29th - 30th 

King Oberon rules over the Land of Avalon. To bridge his realm of fantasy with that of ours, he is visiting Castleton in hopes to court her Royal Majesty. We encourage everyone to join us in the whimsical celebration of Oberon's pilgrimage. Faeries and other mythical creatures may show themselves during this opening weekend of the festival. 

Romance - Royal Guest King Henri of France

May 6th - 7th

The son of the Contessa De Medici, he has ties to Italy, but is so French at heart. He shall visit the festival to steal the hearts of not only her Majesty, but all of the ladies of Castleton as well. The Masque Ball will be held on Saturday Evening, but we attempt to make this entire weekend about love and kindness towards all within the land. 

Castilian - King Phillip of Spain

May 13th -14th

The Spanish Armada is sailing into town and along with it means we have opened the port to all pirates! Get ready for an invasion of privateers and scallywags. We encourage all of Castleton to don their best buccaneer attire. This is also the weekend of the Pirate's Feaste. Very popular, so book your seats now! Her Majesty has agreed to host Spanish King Phillip, but with his Catholic foundation, who knows how the weekend will play out. His Majesty is quite fond of himself as well as the ladies of Castleton, so we encourage all to introduce themselves and welcome him to the festival. HUZZAH.

Celtic - Queen Mary of Scotland

May 20th - 21st

Castleton's dearest and closest of friends, this weekend is to celebrate the welcome of Mary of Scots and her visit to the festival. We adore our Scottish heritage, so it is of no surprise this weekend is rowdy and full of activities! Don your clan and press your kilts, we are preparing for Celtic festivities!

Imperial Weekend - Charles II of the Holy Roman Empire

May 27th - 29th

Guten Tag! We raise our steins and prepare for the arrival of his Imperial Majesty Charles II. This is the festival's three-day celebration over Memorial Day Weekend. Queen Elizabeth is delighted to secure this alliance, so we look forward to a beautiful weekend of Oktoberfest level fun. Monday is the Memorial Day Parade, an event not to be missed. In honor of those who have fallen, this is a festival staple that provides a day of reverence in honor of our soldiers, beautiful photo ops and an emotional occasion unlike any other of the festival. 

The Spice Roads - Emperor Sarsa Dengel

June 3rd - 4th 

Looking for some flare in your festival weekend? This is the one for you! Her Royal Majesty shall welcome the Emperor Sarsa Dengel to the festival grounds. He has introduced the world to the Spice Roads and opened trade between the East and West. His alliance would mean wealth, commerce and opportunities further West. In honor of his visit, we encourage breaking tradition and celebrating our closing weekend in a big way!